What will the mobility of the future and the future of mobility look like? 

This issue concerns both industry players and everyday people because everyone is involved. The issue is not only interesting from a technological point of view – innovations are emerging at lightning speed, directly affecting the functioning of the industry. Climate change is also a strong driver of change, as this sector also contributes greatly to emissions and needs to achieve significant reductions. Integration into the circular economy and intertwining with other sectors complicates the situation further.

This requires, as usual in the context of sustainability, a mindset change. It is encouraging that great initiatives are targeting a wide range of society and business. For example, LEGO highlighted the theme of transportation in this year’s First Lego League series and expects contestants from all age groups to offer innovative, nicely executed solutions to a variety of problems. And yes, it may come as a surprise, but even a 9-year-old kid can think creatively about the subject and come up with realistic, useful ideas.

And we are happy to share here the following call received from Siemens:

Future Mobility Hack

This is your chance to join the Siemens community and innovate the future of smart cities in Dubai with the Siemens’ MindSphere App!

What does the future of mobility look like to you?

Mobility has been evolving throughout time, but have we really begun to scratch the surface? How can traffic data and IoT help enhance the future of intelligent transportation? How can data sharing and interconnectedness contribute to seamless travel? Let’s continue to move forward and advance with the world.

By taking part in the MindSphere Future Mobility Hack, you will:

  • Live a firsthand experience to tackle the greatest challenges of the smart infrastructure industry.
  • Get great networking opportunities and the possibility to secure a partnership with Siemens.
  • Access real-world insights from the industry’s top player.
  • Win an all-inclusive trip to Expo 2020 Dubai!
  • Benefit from high visibility as you present your solution on a Siemens stage at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Registration for the hackathon ends the 3rd of November, 2021. https://siemens.mindsphere.io/en/future-world-series/future-mobility-hack

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