Updating Székely Family and Co.’s General Terms and Conditions

Székely Family and Co. Ltd. informs its current and prospective clients that the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) will be amended with effect from 15.12.2020.

The amendment is made on the basis of the experience from the last year, customer requests and adaptation to the current general situation and can be summarized as follows:

  • general training with a group presence is removed from the services due to the epidemiological situation, our members can use specific training and mentoring instead;
  • a business acquisition and sales support service are added to the range of services provided to members, which has no extra fee and a success fee adapted to other services (5%+VAT on net sales);
  • by default, our events have become private, only the guests we invite are allowed to participate, of course our members have the right to propose additional guests to us;
  • on 15.12.2020, the first round of membership will be closed, the second round will open from 16.12.2020;
  • membership fees for members who have already joined in the first round shall remain unchanged as long as their membership is uninterrupted;
  • for new members, the membership fee is HUF 6000 + VAT/person/month for individuals and start-ups, for companies already with revenue, the amount will be determined by agreement or proportioned to the number of delegated persons and planned projects and the turnover on the basis of the formula in the GTC;
  • Stripe payment system becomes also available besides Barion and PayPal;
  • confidentiality rules are tightened, the party responsible for breach of confidentiality is liable for damage even if it has not intentionally breached confidentiality and the confidentiality agreement between the parties or a declaration of confidentiality made by a party automatically becomes part of the contract;
  • clarified that, even when writing proposals, the success fee should be paid according to the rate of funding received, and not as a whole from the first instalment (pre-financing).

The new GTC will enter into force on 15.12.2020, the former GTC will be repealed.

Details can be found in the new General Terms and Conditions (link).

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