Székely Family & Co. invited to present on central Horizon 2020 Secure Societies Information Day

We are proud to announce that our company has been invited as rapporteur for the Central H2020 Safe Societies Information Day in Brussels, in mid-March.

The event is organised by the National Contact Network for Safe Societies (SEREN4) in cooperation with the European Commission. This event is an information day and a networking opportunity detailing the calls for proposals entitled ‘Safe societies – the protection of freedom and security of Europe and its citizens’, to be published in mid-March 2020. These calls offer new research and innovation funding opportunities for research institutes, universities, industries, SMEs, NGOs and other  security stakeholders.

The main topics of the event are:

  1. Critical infrastructure protection
  2. Disaster response
  3. Fighting crime and terrorism
  4. Border and external security
  5. General security issues
  6. Artificial intelligence and security
  7. Digital security

Székely Family & Company Ltd. is committed to help nations by contributing with its experience in technology transfer, space, innovation and security for a calmer, more livable, sustainable future.

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