Székely Family and Co. on BORDERPOL’s expert list

Székely Family and Company Kft. is pleased to announce that it has become a professional partner of The World Border Organization (BORDERPOL). The partnership involves conducting expert activities on behalf of Borderpol, coordinating the end-user participation of BORDERPOL-member law enforcement agencies in Horizon 2020, performing professional, management and representative tasks across the European continent, managing projects, operating the European Secretariat of BORDERPOL. The partnership aims to help protect borders by contributing with state-of-the-art technologies and procedures, in the interest of all nations. The current international situation increasingly requires from public bodies, non-governmental organizations and industrial partners to increase their cooperation to provide people with appropriate and proportional level of border security, unaffected by immoral global economic or political games and media wars.

BORDERPOL is a global international border guard organization that entails public bodies and scientific and industrial organizations engaged in border security and migration control. It aims to support international border police cooperation, strict control of migration, effective control of borders and fight cross-border crime. To this end, it constantly supports governments, professional organizations, providing advice, exchange of information, technologies, practical experience on all continents and organizing border police professional events in many parts of the world: conferences, trainings and workshops.

Founded in 2003 and established in Canada, Borderpol provides its expertise to help us create and secure a better future.

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