Székely Family and Co. contributes to military workshop on future European defence excellence upon invitation from the European Defence Agency

Székely Family and Co. participated in a workshop aimed at exploring new potentials of military grade artificial intelligence within the ARTINDET project. The meeting was held at Eurocontrol premises in Brussels, organized by the European Defence Agency and attended by experts from stakeholders of the European defence landscape. Our company has contributed with expertise in Human vs. AI on battlefield, insight gained in its previous activities related to security application of robots and with application of experience of its experts who served for decades in military and security. Székely Family and Co. also presented actual products and developments from its partner network, especially in the field of surveillance (including satellite surveillance) and counter-UAV solutions applying AI. In addition to strengthening the outlook for a safe and secure future of our children by excellence in defence, members of our innovation community also gained opportunity to participate in European defence initiatives of the next programming period.

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