Székely Family and Co. achieves Seal of Excellence in COSME call on visible light communications

Székely Family and Co. Llc. proudly announces the achievement of a Seal of Excellence in a competition for the exploitation of the business opportunities of visible light communications (VLC), confirming the excellence of the submitted proposal and recommending it for investors. The call for proposals was announced by the CyberSecureLight  COSME consortium. The COSME programme is an EU framework programme to support the competitiveness of SMEs, a bridge between H2020 results and market exploitation.

The proposal called ‘VASSAL’ presented a development of cybersecurity tools for users of LiFi networks.

The Seal of Excellence and the included recommendation demonstrates to existing and prospective investors that the project is excellent from a business and technical point of view and that the commercialization concept ensures a relevant and reasonable return on their investment. We are currently in the preparatory phase of the Series A fundraising round, the goal is to collect 400k EUR to get the MLP version of the product on the shelves.

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