Space Impulse & Székely Family and Co. Partner to Grow Newspace Industry Platform

Space Impulse, the operator of a global B2B marketplace for the space industry and Székely Family and Co., the innovation community for individual researchers, inventors, tech enthusiasts and start-ups, are joining forces to create a unique channel where ideas and innovations meet the newspace industry ecosystem. Space Impulse is now enrolling Székely Family and Co (SF&C) members, thereby expanding beyond its business focus to the larger research and innovation community.

Space Impulse, based in London, UK, was founded with a mission to lower space industry costs and accelerate times to orbit on a global B2B marketplace platform, helping to clear and widen the pathway linking Earth and space, and empower a thriving and expanding space industry ecosystem.

SF&C, based in Budapest, Hungary, was founded to bridge the gap between commercial markets and research and innovation communities. It supports its partners through a robust network that provides training, proposal writing, fundraising, consortium building, joint projects and more. The partnership with Space Impulse will further strengthen the connection between the community of individual inventors, innovators, researchers and students and established space industry enterprises and projects.

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