Innovation is seeing what everyone has seen but thinking what no one has thought.”
Albert Szent-Györgyi

Research and innovation are essential needs for a healthy development. Therefore, our company consciously strives to provide the highest level of services with the help of our professionals to achieve these goals.

We provide our services primarily to members of our Innovation Community, as well as to other customers who, due to their size or legal status, cannot be members of the community, but operate in accordance with the goals and values of this.

Innovation and Knowledge Community

  • You have that brilliant idea, but don’t know where to start?
  • Thinking about launching your own company or already started?
  • Want to know more about research, development and innovation?

Find everything at one place – right here!

Our goal is to build an Innovation and Knowledge Community that includes individual inventors and researchers, startups, innovative businesses, research institutes, end users, investors and large corporations. We believe that this community can become a cohesive, flexible, efficient and successful innovation ecosystem. Members of this community gain exclusive access to our training materials, webinars, internal virtual marketplace, enjoy our consulting support and other services while receiving special discounts.

Private subscription
  • R&D&I news about Horizon Europe funding opportunities & more
  • downloadable materials: draft and official tender work programmes, presentations, informative summaries of specific topics/areas
  • video explanations for FAQs
    • financing opportunities, Horizon Europe funding types and clusters
    • project development, project management from the basics
    • startled by the start? – odds and evens of being a startup – interviews with startuppers and professionals
  • Community area
    • closed group – peer support just a click away
    • expert support
    • B2B Marketplace – introducing corporate members, running projects: as a private subscriber, you can contact them, offer your expertise, exchange experience and ideas

For whom do we recommend this?

  • Those interested in R&D&I
  • University students
  • Lecturers, researchers
  • Freelancers
  • Helpers
Startup subscription

All features of Private subscription


  • 60 min/month consulting – via phone, online, or (if possible) personally – advice on individual RDI activities and applications/proposals
  • being on the look for suitable funding opportunities for your company
  • receiving invitation to our exclusive workshops
  • help in building a consortium
  • useful templates & checklists (e.g. for a GDPR-compliant Privacy Policy)
  • technology transfer inside or outside the community

For whom do we recommend this?

  • Those about to start their company:
    who are looking for inspiration and funding for their idea or invention, but do not yet have their own business
  • Startups
    for companies that do not yet have a stable income of their own, are not older than 5 years and are not larger than a micro-enterprise
Subscribers get a special 50% discount for all additional products!

How can we help? With specific project-related tasks, such as project implementation – IP protection, accountability, commercialization – and project financing – proposal writing, finding investors – and technology transfer. Whichever one you choose, you get a 50% discount from the hourly rate!

(The discount does not apply to the success fee part).

What exactly is this Innovation and Knowledge Community?

There is a single light of science, and to brighten it anywhere is to brighten it everywhere.”
Isaac Asimov

focused asian woman preparing parcel and reading notes in notebook

Private subscribers become part of our community, which can help them with peer and expert support, resources, opportunities that represent a unique value on the market. Members of the community will have free access to our information and training packages, thematic, clean-cut information about calls for proposals – sometimes before it is finalized. As true as boring, but still: time is money. Through the Community’s internal channels, important information on calls for proposals and other funding opportunities are being shared, as well as key legal and other regulatory changes. Being social? We too! Let’s keep in touch via our social media group.

photo of women at the meeting

Startup subscribers are also invited to participate in our exclusive webinars, to receive effective assistance in consortium building, finding the resources, networking and funding opportunities required for the goals identified during the monthly consultation opportunity, and in technology transfer outside and within the community. If required, we can also provide various document samples, or proofread contracts and documents – we know from experience that compiling a GTC or a Privacy Policy is not so easy when starting a company, “samples” circulating on the Internet or recommended for download sometimes contain serious errors or have become outdated, it is difficult to choose the right one for your company.

here to help lettering text on black background

For all members, we offer our best possible support, be it training, consulting, proposal writing, bidding, sales advice, or just conducting a conversation via teleconference. We place great emphasis on due diligence, the fact that all our members become nearer to their desired goal is our only priority. Supporting sustainability, we encourage sustainabile efforts and activities within the community. 

Why training?
  • To give the right answers to the widest possible audience in the shortest timeframe – at a reasonable price.
  • Short and comprehensive videos, summaries, templates – new content every month
  • Your questions – in Your time – according to Your budget.
woman draw a light bulb in white board

Regularly uploaded e-learning materials to the constantly updated internal interface – members of the Innovation Community can stay in touch through our closed social media groups. Educational and informative materials are constantly posted about the most popular topics: research, innovation, technology transfer, project management , business development, proposal writing, data protection, academic and business English and other skills development – members can suggest which topic to cover next month.

man using a laptop

Trainings are available in forms of webinars, interviews, presentations and workshops, where there is an opportunity for individual learning and self-improvement. All you have to do is log in and browse through the materials available in both English and Hungarian, but we can also provide a personalized training plan tailored to your individual needs and abilities if required. There may also be special occasions when we provide individual training or coaching in connection with a specific topic or activity, such as the sales pitch – or winning potential investors – or the final report of a project.

Once we both know exactly what you need, it’s easier and cheaper to arrange a targeted consultation hour – we care about your time and your budget as well!

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If this does not seem to fit your needs, you want to get answers to your questions and you do not have time to browse through the materials because the answer is urgent, then choose Consulting!

Getting funded

calculator and notepad placed over stack of usa dollars


„You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust your sails!”
Monson et al.

We provide our expertise in the field of proposal writing for Horizon Europe calls: Research & Innovation Actions, Innovation Actions, EIC (European Innovation Council), Innovfund, EUREKA / EUROSTARS, Erasmus+ as well as European Space Agency (ESA) programs. We do not charge a success fee for individual researchers or inventors after winning a scholarship. For your success, we strive to provide the highest level of support we can.

happy senior businessman holding money in hand while working on laptop at table


The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”

Startup investments, including the “pre-seed”, “seed”, “Series A”, “Series B”, and “Scale-up” phases, responsible venture capital fund, socially responsible investment, “Green Funds” are some of the options to choose from. Our primary task is to open the gates and create opportunities for making your pitch, but we can also support you at the negotiation phase if you wish us to do so.

Technology transfer

Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”
John D. Rockefeller

Using our experience in space technology transfer projects, we believe that technologies should not remain on researchers’ drawing boards or in their lab cabinets, but that their realization should change our world in a responsible and sustainable direction. By supporting these processes with technology mapping and evaluation, we can help you prepare case studies and exploit potential opportunities in both product development and licensing.

Proposal writing

We offer to write proposals for companies or international consortia on the basis of a given call for proposal. This service is recommended to larger enterprises or strong SMEs, with the necessary capacity and ability to implement more complex projects.

The professional content must be provided by the customer, if professional content is also required, it is also possible to order it as a separate service. The right to use the proposal materials belong to the customer. Resubmission to another call within the same program is available at 50% discount if we also developed the original material.

Technical support

Project support

Project development

Project implementation

Project management

Usually, the hard part starts when you already have the “seed” funding and a project starts. Technical and organizational challenges, finding and engaging end-users, risk management, resource optimization, dissemination, intellectual property protection, data protection, regulatory frameworks, project management – contracts, procurements, technical and financial reporting – are the most common, but not all, of challenges to be met . We want you to be free to focus on your idea, and entrust other problems to us, to avoid the proverbial case:

„If you chase two rabbits you will lose them both.”

multi cultural people

Full project support is offered for you by carrying out the tasks requested within the project (this can also mean full project management). Together, we can increase flexibility and the chances of a successful outcome. An important rule: the intellectual property rights are yours – and yours only.

Business support

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Sales support

When a product is ready to be launched on the market, or if we want to enter a new market with an existing product, it is worth taking all the help and opportunities available.

To this end, we offer you our sales support, which includes setting up a joint list of leads with you, market and customer research, coordinated promotion, and increasing product sales. Since starting a new, innovative product is hard enough by itself, we also want to make things easier for you by providing us with this product only for a success fee.

marketing man people woman
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Investor support

Navigating the RDI market as an investor is certainly not a small task. Plenty of promising but high-risk new products, not to mention that startups need ongoing support even after the investment is made..

This product is explicitly designed for investors, which may include the search for and identification of promising companies and products, the preparation or conduct of investment negotiations, and the representation of investors in startup programs.

Capacity building

photo of people leaning on wooden table

For those organizations wanting to build Horizon Europe participation capacity, this will be suitable from our products. As each company / institution is different, we create a unique plan in each case to achieve the result envisaged by our client. Therefore, together with our customer, we determine the exact content of capacity building, then determine the price and lay everything down neatly in a contract.

Let’s see an example:

  • assessing the client’s international and direct EU R&D project capacity,
  • building an innovative, ‘Horizon Europe – proof’ team,
  • renew the necessary processes, review the company’s internal regulations and coordinate them with the requirements arising from participation,
  • providing 30 hours of training for the designated staff.

If required, we can also provide you with a personalized training plan based on individual needs and abilities.

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