PEERS Dataset Web Map Service

Funded by the European Union under Grant Agreement ID 101074040, the Coordination and Support Action PracticE Ecosystem for StandaRdS (PEERS) aims to reinforce the European Union’s operational safety and security policies through the development of a practitioner-driven ecosystem (read more at

PEERS performed a landscape mapping on CBRN-E relevant products, services, standards and stakeholders, creating a dataset in various formats as well as displaying the publicly available information on an online map using Web Map Service technology.

This is the first (ALPHA) version of the map which will be updated continuously. Map content is public and can be used under CC 4.0. Copyright of Székely Family & Co. Nonprofit Kft. on behalf of the PEERS consortium.

Please provide us feedback to help us improve it and provide a safer and more secure future for everyone!

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