Landscape mapping of CBRNE practitioners in the European Union

PracticE Ecosystem for StandaRdS (PEERS) is a Horizon Europe project aiming to advance and reinforce the European Union’s operational safety and security policies through the development of a practitioner-driven ecosystem focused on pre-normative / standardisation processes and supporting tools.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under the Grant Agreement No. 101074040

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The PEERS ecosystem supports the effective strengthening of preparedness and response in the field of CBRN-E through the practitioner-driven Better Practice Guide initiative, gamification and e-Learning support. It primarily targets assisting Europe’s CBRN-E practitioners, European research policymaking as well as other stakeholders including the research community and national standardisation bodies. A comprehensive engagement and consultation governance mechanism will be applied for the realisation of the ecosystem. Additionally, the ecosystem includes an integration capability to existing community-building platforms and a gamification strategy, aimed at encouraging solid user engagement, strengthening interactions activities, and furthering user training skills based on situational awareness.

PEERS brings together an experienced, multi-disciplinary team of specialists, to work together as a focused delivery team on meeting policymaker and practitioner expectations over the course of the project and deliver transformational change in the European CBRN-E environment.

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