Join INTAP 2020 online and listen to our Keynote Speaker!

On behalf of INTAP2020, AIRLEA & Panel Organizers, Székely Family and Co. Kft. invites all who are interested to join the INTAP 2020 conference and listen to the keynote speech delivered by Székely Zoltán, to register for free online participation available now!

Considering the impact of COVID-19, safety and well-being of all participants is our priority.  However, spreading and sharing of knowledge is also paramount!

 Therefore, INTAP2020,  AIRLEAs and Panel for Women in Science will combine physical and virtual presentations to make the discussion more live & interactive.  We cordially invite you to register for free virtual attendance to join a scientific researchers and industry partners to discuss artificial intelligence (AI) and application,  ethical, social and legal challenges arising from the use of new technologies such as biometrics and artificial intelligence (AI) in law enforcement applications. After registration, a link to Zoom rooms will be shared by email with instructions and guidelines on how to join.

Attending the conference, the workshop and the panel will provide an opportunity to meet academic and industry experts to exchange ideas about the latest technologies. Join to listen and to participate in the discussions with seven keynote speakers consisting of scientists in AI, cybersecurity, information security, privacy and data protection as well as industrial  leaders in Data Subjects Rights. Also, more than 30 presentations from researchers. Full program can be found here.

We are looking forward to your participation!

Link for registration (

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