Horizon Europe Work Programme 2021-2022: Digital, Industry and Space

Draft available exclusively for our community members

The European Commission has submitted the draft Work Programme including the planned call texts for Cluster 7: Digital, Industry and Space through the NCPs for consultation with selected key stakeholders, including our company.


To support our community members in establishing their fundraising plans for 2021-2022 and provide a competitive advantage for the membership, we allow our members access to the draft Work Programme upon request and we are open for some joint planning.

In order to keep this advantage and competitive edge in the future, it is essential that no one forwards, prints copies, transmits or otherwise shares this document and keeps both access and content as a strictly confidential business information. You are only allowed to read the document, make excerpts, write notes on your own, without refering to the source.

As this is a draft, there is no guarantee that every call text will be published and the budget for the individual calls is not yet allocated. However our experience shows that usually there will be no great changes (more than merging call tests, integration into each other or postponing to next WP).

Those members who wish to access the document, shall send an email to Ms. Renáta Paprika (paprika.renata@szekely.family) for further instructions to gain access.

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