Cooperation with Arxardoris Ltd.

Székely Family& Co. Llc and Arxardoris Ltd dealing with IT planning, consulting and distribution proudly announce to have started an innovative cooperation as from 1st February2021. The main purpose of our cooperation is to participate in future-oriented developments, research and projects which are pathfinders in the field of IT, space and engineering solutions.

Arxardoris Ltd has been undertaking low and high voltage planning, IT consulting and operation, planning and distribution of special tools and IT devices as well as business development and public procurement consulting for 15 years.

One of the most important goals of Székely Family& Co. Llc is to bridge the gap between commercial markets and research and innovation communities. It supports its partners through a robust international network that provides training, proposal writing, fundraising, consortium building, joint projects and more.

The preparationfor a long-term cooperation has been carried out by István Ilia, CEO of Arxardoris Ltd and Lénárd Zsákai, Security Officer of Székely Family Llc.

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