Cooperation with African Sustainable Agriculture

Székely Family & Co recently started to cooperate with the African Sustainable Agriculture Non-Profit Organization:

Székely Family & Co. and our partners are working on projects and proposals that help people living in Africa to achieve a sustainably developing standard of life. We are excited to work out the details of our agrivoltaics project together.

African Sustainable Agriculture is an NPO helping farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa, getting education and technology to remote areas. They are taking part in food security initiatives, encouraging sustainable practice in agriculture, like promoting minimal to zero reliance on chemical fertilisers.

They are engaging with the present and future generations of subsistence farmers in remote areas, doing this in cooperation with local and foreign governments and other NGOs.

We believe it is important to aid people in need where they live: this way we can prevent migration crises, that is a burden on everyone involved, especially on those who are forced to leave their homes to be able to make a living. Small, local changes adding up gradually will make a difference globally, which is exatcly how we need to tackle the climate crisis.

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