Closing the year with launching a Horizon Europe project

SFC – Székely Family & Co. has recently started a new #HorizonEU project called PEERS. We work to enhance the social resilience of Europeans ahead of CBRN threats.

With the proximity of armed conflicts and wars, the re-emergence of the nuclear threat and the continuing threat of international terrorism, it is crucial that we prepare to avert and manage the chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats facing Europe. These threats require extremely careful handling, not only by officials but also by the public.

Our team consisting of Orsolya Székely-Keresztesi, Bence Juhász, Lénárd Zsákai, Ádám Székely and Dr. Zoltán Székely is looking forward to working on PEERS project to help protecting citizens from CBRN related risks leveraging Copernicus Services and remote sensing plus some visualisation extra, which would make your jaws drop.

PEERS is a European Commission funded Horizon Europe project to democratize standardisation, best practices and allow a cost-effective procurement of protection against CBRN. In the next three years, our security team lead by Dr. Zoltán Székely will do its best to contribute to the security and safety of our fellow European citizens, our children and contribute to a safer, better, and more sustainable future.

During the implementation of the project, we are proud to be in cooperation with the following renowned international partners: KPMG FA, Fondazione FORMIT, FIPRA Public Affairs, University of Galway, Magyar Szabványügyi Testület, Czech Standardization Agency, The Resilience Advisors Network and TFC Research and Innovation Limited.

We hope to tell you more soon. In the meantime, follow PEERS on Twitter to learn more! @peers_eu

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under the grant agreement No 101074040.

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