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The main task of our company is to support socially and environmentally responsible research, innovation and development activities through joint projects and external, complementary services, in order to ensure a secure and sustainable future for generations to come.

The main intention of our company is to bridge the gap between end users – the market – and research, development and innovation activities.

We believe that this community can develop into a cohesive, resilient, effective and successful innovation ecosystem.

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 Székely-Keresztesi Orsolya

Dr. Székely Zoltán

Let’s build something new together.

Our story

„The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

After nearly a decade of preparation, research, planning and organization, aiming to contribute to a sustainable future, safe conditions, a healthier environment and thus a happier existence for our children and future generations, in the fall of 2019 our great dream came true leaving private enterpreneurship behind and founding Székely Family & Company Llc.

This community has been growing ever since, we are proud of the success of our Innovation Community members, and we have high hopes for our joint work in the future.

References of Székely Family & Co. and
previous enterprises, professional experience

  • We have already started our proposal writing and project management activities in the FP7 framework programme (2007-2013).
  • We were continuously active throughout the entire Horizon 2020 program (2014-2020), as an applicant, expert, evaluator – project manager, project participant. We have gained experience in all major pillars.
  • We have been following the Horizon Europe Framework Program (2021-2027) from the very beginning, we have effectively represented our clients during the preliminary consultations.
  • We have been participating in space industry (ESA) business incubation and technology transfer projects and tenders for 6 years
  • We have been present in university education since 2010, providing English language training and legal education services
  • We have an outstanding international network in the Atlantic region, but we also have reliable business partners in many other countries around the world.
  • Recognized, competitive, EU and international data protection expertise, including GDPR, even participating in EU classified projects
  • ISO (MSZT) and EDEN membership
  • 4 successful EU H2020 projects – from proposal writing to implementation
    • 30 509 806,07 € total funding for the consortiums, from which
    • 1 462 651,50 € financing for Hungarian partners,
    • Already in 2017, until the beginning of 2021, all our free personmonths at that time were booked
  • Most relevant conference presentations and participation (2020-2021):
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