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The road from idea to market is long and full of pitfalls. Not only the professional, development-related technical problems need to be solved, but also the IP protection of the invention, finding the market entry point, and the financial and sales processes have to be ensured. Unfortunately, most inventors are not able to dedicate themselves entirely to their invention and product development, often doing so only besides a full-time (or full-time and part-time), in the so-called “waste time”. This is a huge risk because it is coded for error due to lag, loss of intellectual property and lack of focus.

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We are here to ease this burden.

You can start with an individual subscription because it will help you know what you will need until you enter the market, plan your journey to your customers, and see clearly what additional services you will need. If you don’t want to dive into this yourself, we’ll help you sell the technology, and if you want to make your dream come true, then the next step, start-up and corporate subscription, can come.


A start-up is a company, or a project just started or about to start; scalable and basically always in need of funding 😊. What can be considered a start-up varies from sector to sector, usually 0-5-year-old companies can be considered as start-ups, but there are industries where this can even be measured in decades (e.g. forestry). A typical but not conceptual requirement for most start-ups is to focus on developing a single, new product, the founders start with little capital, and seek to raise capital from the start.

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It’s not true that start-ups are actually a business model, but it’s true that start-ups tend to follow a growth model. This model is characterized by a continuous burning of capital due to negative business results, increasing personnel and other sales expenses, expanding own performance and a significant investment volume. A start-up survives this stage if it is able to develop the product, successfully enter the market, and then achieve a business result by boosting sales, which turns the current account into a positive one and accumulates a surplus in cash, able to repay the cost of capital investment (interest, investor premium, etc.). A lot of start-ups are designed to be acquired by a large company, and for others to replace them, they can survive as a micro, small or medium-sized business in the long run, depending on the start-up model and current sales or headcount.


Yes, we understand what a start-up means. We recommend start-up founders to top their sales expenses with a corporate subscription purchased from us and see what additional services we can help with, what we can take off the founders’ shoulders, because the most important asset of start-ups is the time and attention of the founders.

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This category includes customers who no longer qualify as start-ups, but are considered to be micro, small or medium-sized companies according to the European Union on the basis of turnover, balance sheet or number of employees.

The most important thing for them is scale-up, i.e. growth, expansion, especially in the field of sales, and unfortunately in some cases they need crisis management in connection with a problem that arises.

For smaller SMEs, we recommend our corporate subscription and additional proposal writing, capacity building and consulting services, but most importantly sales support, as there is no better source of revenue for a company than the revenue generated from the product sold.

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„If you don’t buy this, you’re gonna loose! ” – George Bell, CEO of Excite, did not receive such advice, or did not listen to it when he rejected Brin and Page’s offer in 1999, who offered him to purchase Google for $ 1 million and later even lowered this price, only asking for $ 750,000. However, their condition was for Excite to replace its entire technology with Google, throwing out virtually all of their previous Excite development. It is the work of more than a hundred engineers. The engineers and the executive said no. Familiar? How many people use Excite’s services today and how much is the company worth compared to Google?

There are many similar real-life stories (and, of course, countless legends) when a large company did not understand the market-shaping power of the technology offered for purchase, the underlying business opportunity, or the competences needed to exploit it. This is the service we can offer for an enterprise: finding new technologies that gain or maintain market leadership, and even carry out the development and introduction of that technology. Helping to build the capacity to create a team that will make the project a success. We combine individual industrial partnerships with public funding, thus multiplying the efficiency of the resources invested.


For a successful project you’ll need three things: money, money, money, time and professionals.

1. Money: from grant or investor

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„You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust your sails!”

Monson et al.

Proposal writing (Horizon Europe, Eureka, ESA, Erasmus + and other calls supporting them) isbased on a specific topic. The required technical content must be provided by the customer, if professional content is also required, it is possible to have it as a separate service. The right to use the proposal material belongs to the customer. Within the same call, we undertake to reframe for another call at half price if the original material was developed by us.

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The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”


Startup investments, including “pre-seed”, “seed”, “Series A”, “Series B”, and “Scale-up” phases, social venture capital, socially responsible investment, green funds can become within reach. Our primary task is to open the gates and create opportunities for introduction, but we can also negotiate on behalf of our partner if required.

2. Time: project management

Usually the hard part starts after you have the seed funding and launched your project. Technical and organizational challenges, end-user outreach, resource optimization, dissemination, protection of intellectual property, privacy, regulatory framework, project management, including contracts, procurements, progress and financial reporting are some of the issues you have to deal with. You should focus on your core idea and leave the rest to us, because

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„If you chase two rabbits, you will lose them both.”

We provide our clients full project support by carrying out the tasks they request within the project (including, if needed, the management of the given activity). Together, we can increase the chances of a successful outcome and boost flexibility. An important rule: intellectual property rights remains with the customer.

3. Professionals: consulting

With this product we want to provide effective help to companies having good capacity so there is no need to use our more complex products, they are only looking for a solution to a specific problem, in the following areas:

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  • advice on specific call for proposals,
  • management,
  • project development,
  • feasibility study,
  • risk analysis,
  • crisis management,
  • finding investors,
  • sales pitch,
  • website design,
  • privacy policy,
  • GDPR counseling,
  • product analysis,
  • market research,
  • research and development issues,
  • project management,
  • business development,
  • technology transfer,
  • academic and business English.
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For those who want to build Horizon Europe (or other) capacity, this product is recommended. As each company / institute is different, we create a unique plan in each case to achieve the result ordered by our client. Therefore, in each case we determine the exact price and exact content of the capacity building together with our customer.

If required, a personalized training plan based on individual needs and abilities can also be provided.

Let’s see an example:

  • we assess our client’s international and direct EU R&D participatory capacity,

  • building up an innovative, ‘Horizon Europe-proof’ team,

  • renew the necessary processes, review corporate regulators, and align them with participation requirements,providing 30 hours of training for designated staff.


Even today’s most successful company leaders would not have reached the top without help. In their recollections, several people highlight one or two supporters, helpers, without whose advice or involvement they would not have gone far. For example, the thesis supervisor of one of the founders of Google recommended a topic that eventually became the basis of all success and later helped to develop the basics of mathematics. And another friend made most of the program for him based on the idea, he later became the founder of a large robotics company, and Google is a key partner for that company.

The foundation of a healthy innovation ecosystem is that people help each other. Therefore, we are looking for those who, with their knowledge, money and connections, are happy to help with innovation projects, not necessarily for free, but in exchange for mutually beneficial agreements, for example in the form of expert participation in a project for a fee. For helpers, depending on whether they are individuals or companies, we recommend an individual or corporate subscription.

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For those who want to gain an insight into the world of innovation, perhaps plan their future careers, or just keep up with the latest developments, try out the latest products, we recommend our individual subscription. This way, they will receive our latest internal news, we will be happy to see them at our events, they will be notified about upcoming and running projects of their choice, so they can follow the developments that are most interesting to them.